Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Entry: Week 6 (Week 7 of the semester)

It's already half of the semester and guess what? This is the final blog entry that you have to make. With half more semester to go, let me ask you a million dollar question:

Do you think you can achieve Dean's List for this semester? Tell us why and why not.

Good luck for the rest of the semester.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Entry: Week 5 (Week 6 of the semester)

Hei, Welcome back to campus!

All of you must be refreshed, fatten up and in good spirit to restart the journey of a student’s life. Read the line below:

‘I want to ___ but I’m afraid I’m not good at it & I might fail. Since I would fail anyway, why bother trying!’

Sounds familiar? You might had heard it or even used this line before. Yes, the road to success and self-improvement is not always easy but would you give up before trying?

Tell us what would you do or how far would you go in the quest to be successful and to be a better person:

 What I would do to be a better student/human being?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Blog Entry: Week 4 (Week 5 of the semester)

In the spirit of Balik Kampung, here is the topic for you to write:

A Positive Thing that I'm Going to do during the Mid-Semester Break is......

(other than the usual raya stuff like filling in your tummy with lemang and rendang, that is)

I'd like to remind you that by the end of this week, you should have at least 8 blog entries.

Two more topics coming after the break, Happy Eid!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Blog Entry: Week 3 (Week 4 of the semester)

I'm sure most of you have been frequenting the Bazaar Ramadhan this fasting month. I know I have!

While we are  spending or should I say over-spending on food, let's take a while and ponder on the lifes of those less fortunate. While we are throwing away the left-overs that we couldn't finish, think about those who are dying of famine, like what is happening in Somalia today.

These pictures are painful to see. How different their life is compared to ours. Will we just look at the pictures and do nothing? You want to do something to help but you don't know what to do? Well, it is time to find out. Here's the topic for this week's entry:

What we can do to help ease world hunger. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blog URL: 1 BAC C

Go on, visit & comment on your friends' blog:

Blog Entry: Week 2 (Week 3 of the semester)

It's the second week of Blogging assignment, that means, you should have 2 entries already!

The assigned topic for Week 2 is a tribute to Ramadhan (since we are in the fasting month):

How I overcame challenges during Ramadhan.

You may interpret this topic in the way you deem suitable - spiritually, physically etc, as this month poses various challenges to both muslims & non-muslim.

A reminder: Before you post your entry, get your group members to edit for grammar and vocabulary errors. Don't forget to post another entry of your own choice.

Have fun writing! (Hope it's not in an empty stomach ;) )

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog entry: Week 1 (Week 2 of the semester)

These two weeks have been quite eventful right? You can pour your heart out in the 1st week's blog entry under the title:

The beginning of life as a Bachelor student in UniKL MICET

Remember that you have to submit 2 blog entries? The other entry is a topic of your choice. So make sure you have 2 blog entries for Week 1.

Happy writing!